The Clearing is a physical and virtual space that offers coaching, consulting, and courses in a variety of areas so you can plant possibility, cultivate purpose, and elevate to excellence. As an extension of Simply Kerry Coaching & Consulting, The Clearing is home to a number of dedicated coaches and consultants with a shared mission to help people and businesses grow and find success.

Each member of our select team aligns with the Simply Kerry process and brings their own unique gifts and flavor to the mix. Many of our coaches and collaborators specialize in specific areas that pertain to their own personal journey and they have a deep desire to help others with similar experiences.

The Clearing is your one-stop space for growing holistically. You will find a team of passionate coaches and consultants offering services and courses in areas including spirituality, health and wellness, purpose, finance, relationships, parenting, mental health & mindfulness, and sports & leisure. It’s a space to get clear, realize your potential, plant seeds of possibilities, and watch yourself grow!

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