You have blocks?
Good, I will teach you to move them.

You have dreams you want to follow?
Me too, I’ll help you find the path.

You have goals you can’t reach?
Don’t worry, I will help you build the ladder.

You have anxiety?
Awesome, I’ll show you how to use it for fuel.

You stressed?
No problem, let’s make it work for you and not against you.

You work too much and burnt out?
I’ll show you how to balance so you can work less and get more.

You have a calling but afraid to answer?
I will help you pick up the phone.

You have a business that needs building?
I will help you make it positive and profitable.

You struggle with relationships?
I will help you rock them.

You don’t have time?
I will show you how to find it.

You have mental blocks?
I teach you to bust through them.

You want more joy?
Good, then we will work well together.

I knew what I was destined to do at a very young age. Many of us do. We are asked what we want to be when we grow up only to later discover that our dreams aren’t reality and won’t pay the bills.

So our crayola-drawn sketches of what we desire for ourselves get put in a box in the attic and we are told to replace them with pictures painted by society of what success looks like.

We abandon who we are and spend our lives playing various roles trying to get back what we lost so long ago. I have always known I was smart and would be successful. Yet, what I didn’t understand is why someone like me struggled.

When I was in 2nd grade, we were given an assignment to interview someone in the field we wanted to work in. My teacher laughed when I told her I wanted to be like Oprah. It fueled me to somehow get my hands on the unlisted number of the top news anchor in our city. At 9 years old, I asked her, “How do I be like Oprah?” She responded, “You already are my dear.”

A year later, I started my first company, “AdStar”, in my parent’s basement. I like to think it wasn’t my “bossiness” but rather my “inner boss” coming out when I would make my friends dress up in various outfits and assign them companies and roles to play based on their personalities. My friends would enter my office suite and tell me about their businesses and struggles and I would solve all their problems by creating amazing marketing campaigns and creative commercial jingles which we would then record on my boombox and perform for my family. AdStar was such a success it eventually expanded throughout my parent’s house complete with intercoms, luxury offices, private clubs, retreats by the pool, an adventure fitness course, and a performing arts center.

AdStar was about showcasing Stars. Simply Kerry does the same.

I Learned To Shine So Others Can Too

Simply Kerry all started with a message and has led to a global movement. On September 4, 2013 I launched a blog sharing my story of transcending loss and depression after the death of my father in hopes of helping others like myself who were successful but struggling behind closed doors. This loss of identity started when I was 18 after my dreams of playing soccer collegiately and professionally were cut short due to devastating injuries. This led me down a difficult journey to find myself.  Like many creatives and entrepreneurial spirits, I spent my life searching, reaching, and striving for a greatness that I thought was “out there” in the form of accolades, job titles, paychecks, and achievements. My career path was filled with experiences one would only dream of. Marketing and managing multi-million dollar businesses, working in television and flying in helicopters, leading and directing corporate teams, lobbying on Capitol Hill, surpassing sales quotas in the online marketplace, and owning three businesses. As I climbed the corporate ladder, that young, spirited leader of “AdStar” was eventually left behind. I gained recognition and amazing opportunities but continued to keep losing the most important thing – myself.

From A Loss To Leaving A  Legacy

I spent that last year with my father watching and observing what it looked like to live authentically and purposefully – even while he was dying. I began incorporating the methods of healing and took my life back. Through all the loss and pain, I discovered joy founded on the reconnection of myself and learning to rewire and rebuild the brain. I became “Simply” Kerry and my message to the world was to share my story to show how it is possible to heal yourself and be what you came here to be.

From A Message… To A Method… To A Movement

That message soon turned into a method – the Simply Kerry Process. A proven system based on science, spirituality, and solutions. It attracted the attention of thousands and soon my husband and I were taking people through the process and transforming lives around the globe.

My journey has involved extensive study, research, and application in the fields of neuroscience, health and wellness, anatomy, fitness, psychology, nutrition, mindfulness, spirituality, and much more. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Communications and certifications in Life Coaching, Brain Health, Sports Psychology, Personal Training & Pilates, and Mindfulness.

Over the past twenty years, I have experienced well over thirty different healing and treatment modalities and eventually created my own. Through the use of my own method, I continue to transform and elevate my life as well, achieving things many believe are crazy and impossible. 

The exact dream that shattered me twenty years ago, became a reality at the age of 39 when I became a premier soccer player.

We abandon who we are and spend our lives playing various roles trying to get back what we lost so long ago. I have always known I was smart and would be successful. Yet, what I didn’t understand is why someone like me struggled.

Real Results Ripple...

The results of my transformation and my clients are rippling on, impacting the lives of family members, friends, businesses and communities. My mission to share my message and method is now a global movement of coaching and collaboration through the The Clearing, a place to help people reconnect, transform, and elevate.

I have known my purpose since I was a little girl. I am following my calling and here to help people and businesses see their greatness. I help remove the blocks and barriers so they can realize their potential. I take people and businesses to places they don’t even know are possible. I am full of gifts to give and life to be lived. I am transparent. I am determined. I am real.

I am producing positivity and purpose.

I am Simply Kerry

We would be a good fit if...

  • You are ready to invest and commit to yourself so you can lead in all areas of your life
  • You are ready to look in the mirror and hold yourself accountable
  • You are willing to be pushed positively and go outside your comfort zone
  • You want someone that will help you understand your blocks and show you how to get past them
  • You are ready to realize your true potential and live your best life
  • You want to be around high energy and people that will help you bring out your best self
  • You are willing to learn about the mind, body, and spirit and how to make them work for you
  • You are willing to make life changes that will benefit you and those around you
  • You want to make a positive impact on the world and those around you
  • You ready to live and love your life 

We would not be a good fit if...

  • You are not willing to invest in yourself and make yourself a priority
  • You make excuses and blame others
  • You want to stay in a victime stance
  • You are not willing to work daily on yourself 
  • You expect a quick fix
  • You are not committed to learning something new
  • You are not ready to trust something new
  • You aren't open to feedback and guidance
  • You aren't willing to commit to the process