Hi! I am Natasha VandenBush.

I like to recall the weeks where I started to fall back in love with myself. I didn’t realize how much I had lost who I was born to be until I felt so stuck and empty and bitter about myself on the inside. I was chasing everyone else’s dreams and passions and scared to open my own heart and take my own path. I couldn’t understand why the harder I tried to be there at all times and ways for others, that I felt like I was slipping away more and more. It took a big health scare that blind-sided me in my 20’s as a new mom, to drive me towards finding myself.

I tried to be strong and figure things out on my own because “I should know how to do this.”

The more I tried to steer away from the scared and anxious feelings I had, the more panic attacks, sadness, and frustration about myself I had. I didn’t feel so caring and positive for myself anymore, or for others. I decided to go outside my comfort zone and shy side and enroll in the Simply Kerry Transformation 101 Course I stumbled on. It changed my life forever and has since rippled into my family’s life as well. I realized in the courses that I was not only helping myself, but I was helping my fellow classmates and was able to easily see how others could benefit more in their life by my feedback, guidance, and pointing out things they weren’t quite able to see. I became aware of my natural gift for coaching others to help them through struggles because of what I applied and have gone through in life.

I have always been caring and compassionate, knowing from a very young age that I wanted to teach, to nurture, to help others, and to cheer people up. I’ve always had a natural knack to do these things and I love using my unique, quirky, and random sense of humor to help others feel at ease. I have come full circle in recognizing how to help others more because I chose to want more for myself and to love myself like I was born to do!

Are you ready to experience more for yourself?! Bring more fun into your life by saying yes to the things you may not have thought about before and get ready to find more direction and action that you desire for yourself. It’ll have you feeling on top of your world! When we are balanced, there’s unending possibilities for what our life holds open for us!

My family is a huge part of the reason I am where I am and who I am today. The courses through Simply Kerry that I took got me to open myself up so much, but at the time, the reason I took them was to help myself become a better wife and mom. I realized throughout the courses that I simply needed to focus on me and I got absolutely do that while still being the wife and mom I was hoping to be. The rest rippled on it’s own throughout my family! Because my family is such an important piece of my life, I’d love for you to “meet” them as well. 

I grew up in the “northwoods” of Wisconsin about an hour north of Green Bay. My mom and dad were blessed with the most wonderful child…me! Oh, and my older brother, Tyler, and younger sister, Vanessa. I was born strong enough to handle being the middle-child. I have a lot of great memories from my childhood. My parents were always trying their best. I appreciate all the morals and values that I live life by which I truly credit learning from them and how we were raised. We grew up on a gravel, dead-end road out in the “pickers” and while I may have wished to be in town when I was younger, I now truly am thankful for growing up where I did, right down the road from my grandma and my cousins. Life wasn’t always perfect growing up, especially into my later teenage years when I was trying to find my own independence as a once shy child, but I am thankful for the lessons I learned from everything I went through. It was a stepping stone to get me where I am today!

Fast forward several years and I was set up on a date with my now husband, Jason. We met through his cousin and the rest is history as we got married in September 2009! We live just north of Green Bay, WI. Jason works for a family-owned construction company as a designer and is quite the all-around handyman at home. We have been blessed with 3 amazing children: Charlie (7), Evelyn (4), and Oliver (1) and are expecting our next baby in June 2019. We are so excited! Our kids teach me the most beautiful lessons every single day and they help me see things in myself that I most likely wouldn’t realize otherwise.

Help Getting Unstuck

I’m here to help you see and feel that feeling unstuck truly is temporary and doesn’t have to be a word in your vocabulary anymore. I was there too and found tools that work that I get to share with you now! When we know we are feeling stuck in a rut, being able to ask for help and guidance is a sure sign you are ready to make your own tracks and progress towards what you truly desire – even if you don’t know what those desires are quite yet! I’ll help you see them and achieve them!

Growth in Yourself

Whether you have a significant other, kids, animals, or family/friends of any sort in your life, putting others first may be what you’ve been hanging your hat on if I asked what’s more important than you right now. If you would answer any of those other people in your life besides yourself, it’s time for you to say YES! to yourself because when you do, you’ll be surprised at how much more you can give to those so important to you, too! Learning more about yourself and what makes you tick will be so fulfilling for you!

Parenting Help

While I am here to help, and love working with, a wide-variety of clients with many backgrounds and stories that are part of their journeys, I am and have been right in the mix of parenting for several years now. Watching my first son, Charlie, growing up when he was 3 was one of the reasons I chose to put more work into myself, actually. I had wanted to be a mom since I was a little girl and that dream felt more of a falling-short when I observed him. I was starting to wonder if I would always feel “this way” as a mother – just trying to make it day to day while “trying” to be a good mom to him and our newest baby at the time. I was concerned that I was screwing a lot up and constantly comparing myself or my kids to others around us. I wanted to help my son and the way I found it was actually working on myself! It has rippled into my parenting and into my marriage in the most beautiful ways that I couldn’t have imagined before. I have the tools and know-how to get through what is here now and what will be in the future, no matter what I may experience on my parenting journey and I can help you discover that as well! Each child is unique and so is everyone’s experiences. The tools we use are where the difference takes shape!

I have a passion for working with a variety of clients because I am able to relate to so many situations and experiences clients bring to our classes or individual sessions. I love working with people who are parents, moms, women who are pregnant or are new mothers, children, caregivers, people who are generally just feeling stuck and knowing they want more for their life but feel overwhelmed or confused on how to get to where they want to go…without even knowing where they want to go (I’ve been there before!! I know that feeling!). People who often feel stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious, who have dealt with or are dealing with medical issues that can create mental or emotional trauma are those I relate with and feel compelled to help guide through coaching as well! If you take life too seriously and want more laughter, I’m there for you too – there’s nothing more helpful at times than letting loose a bit by going out of our comfort zones and being able to laugh along the way! Book a session with me with what relates to you below and I’ll be getting in touch meet up with you soon, in-person or over the phone/video conference for our session to help you find yourself a bit more again.

Working with Natasha was wonderful! She is so patient and put me immediately at ease. It was just what I needed to stop hiding and keep moving forward!

Emily Zellner

[The Positive Parenting Course] gave me other’s perspectives with children of varying ages. Helped me better describe what I want parenting to look like and what patterns I carry on from my parents. It’s a great course no matter where you are in your parenting journey.

Denise Larson

Photo Credit: Mary Breuer Photos

Working with Natasha was just the thing I needed to move past one of the blocks I was having. She immediately picked up there was something deeper and knew the right questions to have it unfold in our session. I was completely at ease and so comfortable that I spoke to her about things I had not said out loud to anyone before. Her care and genuine emotions flowed thru the session that left me feeling confident and worthy. Her kindness and toughness really shined through the session which was passed on to me. The follow up after the session was a perfect reflection on the next steps to take. I loved talking with her and will definitely be booking another session.

Amy Tanguay

I love Natasha’s gentle guidance. I love how the group was full of amazing moms all in the same boat (and yet all different), wanting what’s best for them and their families. I love all the lessons and how it breaks things down to bring it all back together at the same time. Natasha has amazing positive energy and great real life stories to share. I love how everything was so well thought out!

Kathy Pansier

Natasha has always been there for guiding me through my transformation. Her steady calm direction has helped me grow the leaves on my tree. Having a person like Natasha as part of my tribe is my honor. She now also helps me build my business. Her patience with my struggles in technology is amazing. Her help lets me do what I love and not get bogged down in details that frustrate me. Highly recommended!

Lori Fernandez

Working with Natasha is amazing! I have worked with Kerry for the past 3 years completing all of her transformation courses and am now fully launched into my purpose as an Integrative Medicine physician. I utilize both Kerry and Natasha to help me stay on track with the goals I have set out for myself. Natasha is so well-versed in the Simply Kerry process. Her insight and guidance was incredible. She has a knack for seeing what people need and helping them identify what’s in their way. The entire process is refreshing, recharging, and empowering! I highly recommend working with her!

Dr. Lynn Wagner, MD

Natasha is the perfect mix of professional and caring. While you may be nervous working with her if you know her, I can let you know this has only worked to my advantage and helped me grow! If you’re on the fence, jump in with both feet. Natasha will help you along the way!

Ashley McKinnion

Natasha is so thoughtful and caring on an individual level. She gets me! Extremely great listener with expert advice. Natasha truly wants to make a difference. She’s also fun with a good sense of humor. Love her, and highly recommend.

Elizabeth Hoppen