Some know me as a therapist, musician, dad, friend, son, brother, and giant husband. Those are some of the roles I play. Who I really am is a man full of love, compassion, and desire for understanding. I also prefer tall, dark, and handsome. A long time ago, a beautiful woman came into my life and later became my wife. She took me on a journey that I don’t think anyone could ever envision filled with trips to beach front paradises and then to psychiatric facilities. She led me to the brink of breakdown and then to the strongest place I have ever been. I am here to share my story and knowledge with you in hopes that you may experience the growth and wisdom I have gained from these adventures.

I am a licensed psychotherapist by trade. I was trained in various methods of treatment including but not limited to solution-focused and cognitive-behavioral therapy with certification in marriage and family therapy. All are used to help clients find new ways to cope with their stressors while working towards a healthier, happier life.

I am a musician as well. I started with piano when I was in 1st grade and have played guitar for the past 25 years and have had the fortune of acquiring and learning other instruments over the years. Playing music has been a form of therapy for me since I can remember. It is truly a spiritual experience for me nearly every time I take the stage.

As a psychotherapist I spent close to a decade working at an inpatient psychiatric hospital with suicidal, homicidal, psychotic, and out of control patients for the entire state of Wisconsin and part of Michigan. This was a line I used to use over and over to explain what I did. Unfortunately, it really doesn’t tell much of anything. It simply reflected that I spent time with people that were in a very difficult place. I now work in the outpatient clinic with people who also struggle with finding themselves and a happier way to live.

Through the death of my father-in-law, Dr. “Doc” Thomas Geocaris and of my father Dr. Peter Bordini, I learned to appreciate others while living life to the fullest by taking each day as it may be my last. In doing so, I learned to see the world in a different way, including how I practiced psychotherapy and did coaching and consulting. I learned to remain appreciative of the Western medical model while trying to incorporate the Eastern holistic methods that have been around for centuries. As my wife taught me, I had to learn to be simplistic about everything, especially in how we approach loving the self in mind, body, and spirit.

We would be a good fit if...

  • You are ready to hold yourself accountable 
  • You are eager to learn the science behind struggles & success
  • You are willing to get out of your comfort zone 
  • You are willing to receive feedback and look in the mirror
  • You want to learn how to move past & conquire blocks in the brain
  • You willing to learn how to release blame & focus on yourself
  • You have tried various things but are still stuck & struggling
  • You are wanting a fresh perspective 
  • You are wanting to work with a positive person who will push you
  • You are willing to truly work to change your life & circumstances

I have been blessed to know my ever-amazing, brilliant, and talented wife, Kerry Geocaris since 2000. We skillfully created our bundles of joy, Elliot and Teya. I love spending time with them doing just about anything. I love spending time with music, both playing and listening. I love to run. I love to laugh. I love to love. I have learned that life is too short to wait to tell people how you feel.

When I met my wife, Simply Kerry, she was just Kerry and definitely not “simple.” We shared a lengthy journey of healing that evolved into the work we are called to perform each day.

We had to learn how to care for ourselves. I was a rescuer. I tried over and over to save others, especially Kerry.

As she struggled with depression, my worry grew. This was my second education. I learned that I cannot make decisions for others. I can only help guide them.

Once I stopped living a life of damage control I was able to look inward and see that the most important change needed was in me.

I learned how to better care for my mind, body, and spirit. I learned to be transparent and share from the mistakes and triumphs I made. 

This change in perspective often happens when we are faced with losing the ones we love. I watched my father-in-law gracefully live their days to the fullest while fighting cancer. I watched my father fight his battle as well. I watched my wife grow in strength and healing. I began realizing that life is too short to be quiet and passive.

I realized we need to find our voices, share our stories, and alter the direction of the main characters because the ending has yet to be written.

The work I do as a psychotherapist and life coach involves helping others find their voice, see their pathway, and determine which direction to take to fulfill the story they want to write.

I try to be transparent so that the positive effects from others that rippled into my life continue onto the next person.

We would not be a good fit if...

  • You are not ready to work or make changes
  • You expect a quick fix
  • You are not open to feedback & guidance
  • You are not ready to trust something new
  • You are not willing to do work on your own
  • You are not willing to invest in yourself
  • You are not willing to release blame or forgive others
  • You are not open to learning & being challenged

Brad is an incredibly talented and knowledgeable life coach. He is calm and supportive and helped me to gain clarity and make changes in my behavior. He gave me tools and guidance that I could apply in daily life and helped me to connect behaviors to things I needed to heal. He is professional, intuitive, a deep thinker and truly knows when to push you and when to empathize. I'm grateful for my sessions, the calmness I feel, and the tools I now have. All is calm and bright again. 

Having the opportunity to work with Brad has paid tremendous dividends in my marriage and family life. Brad's tremendous knowledge, personal experiences and professionalism make introspection and life change possible. I would recommend him to anyone willing to be honest with themselves and that wants the best for their marriage, family, but most of all, themselves.

Steve Scripp

Being a man in today’s world you are often times required to wear many hats.  It is not uncommon for you to be expected to be a successful professional, an involved father, an attentive husband and an available friend.  Most men spend much of their time and energy trying to do all of the above to perfection.  What often gets lost in the shuffle is you.

        Before you know it you are stuck asking questions like: What makes me happy?  What am I doing with my life?  Why am I so exhausted all the time?  Why are my personal relationships not how they use to be?  Who am I?

        Working specifically with Brad in the was nothing short of eye opening.  Being a health care professional I rely on evidence based material.  Brad has a very unique gift of providing that “medical definition” I was looking for but then he would take it a step further and intertwine that information with a slight spiritual and even a holistic component.  Brad is able to speak to you on a very straight forward and every day level thus making complicated definitions easy to understand and incorporate into your specific situation.  Brad is also able to bring in his own personal experiences and share them with you, which really put me at ease and made me realize that I am not the only person who has or is going through these types of problems.  I truly felt like I was not alone -I felt like someone really cared about me and wanted to help.  

       Brad is very passionate about what he does –it really shows in the care he provides.  Brad is able to take his professional therapeutic background and expand on the healing process-incorporating both body and mind. To be able to provide this level of care is truly a gift.  It is one of the most complete programs I have come into contact with and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for help finding that missing link.

Casey Hoida

Brads one of the most authentic people i know. He’s truly lives what he preaches and he’s not afraid what others think of his actions.  He’s very hard working, going above and beyond to make sure others are living a more happy and authentic life.  His educational background and knowledge of the brain was very helpful for me as someone who likes to know how and why things work.  Lastly, Brad is a super fun person.  While taking people and their problem very seriously, he’s able to lighten up any conversation with his wit, laughter, and smile.

Brad is able to explain how the brain operates and helps give the reasoning behind why we do what we do. What are you waiting for?!? It will force you to go places you are afraid of, but they are always there for support. Brad & Kerry's work teach joy and love by sharing joy and love.

Abby Reckinger

I tend to gravitate towards Brad when I need someone to talk to as I feel comfortable and at ease with him, I feel I am in a safe space to share my personal issues, concerns, fears & hardships. Anyone who meets with Brad should know that they’re going to get someone who genuinely cares, offers real advice, listens to you carefully, challenges your way of thinking, and provides you with useful tools that you’ll be able to use immediately in your daily life. Brad has an empathic, “I’m here for you” vibe about him, and he’s funny too, which makes him a great therapist. I always feel lighter, more hopeful, and leave with a greater sense of clarity after a session with Brad. He is extremely knowledgeable about the brain and it’s fun to hear how the brain works and just why we do the things we do. I highly recommend Mr. Brad Bordini to anyone in need of a listening ear or someone to talk to. 

Thank you, Brad! 

Angie Smith

I worked with Brad to learn and understand myself better, and to build a stronger marriage with my wife. With all the complications that life throws at you, it's nice to be able to have a professional like Brad to work shit out with. To be honest, it's not easy but well worth the time and investment. I recommend him to anyone who wants to learn more about themselves, build stronger relationship with spouse, family & friends. You will be amazed by the results! Thank you Brad & Kerry for doing what you do!

John Wagner