I am a Simply Kerry Coach and the Inspirationalist and Motivator behind Journey with Janet.  I help people identify their inner strength, figure out what is holding them back, realize their worth, find balance in their day, determine their desires, and guide them through their individual transformation by using the Simply Kerry process.

I want to help people live their desired life and realize their worth because when I learned how to see myself for who I was meant to be, when I became grounded by learning how to believe, when I worked through painful moments that had held me back for so long, and when I realized how much easier life could be … I learned how to authentically be Janet.)

I needed a change because life isn’t working the way it was.  I was so unfocused on on me and wrapped up in everyone and everything else.  I knew people who had gone through the Simply Kerry process and I watched them change their life so I decided it was an investment that could help me change mine.

I used to get frustrated when things didn’t go my way and instead of doing something about it, I would feel sorry for myself.  I dwelled on the negative because it got me the attention I wanted from loved ones. I constantly blamed other people for my unhappiness and would allow those feelings to build into anger that I fostered.  I stopped talking in a loving manner and would yell to make my point and be heard. I was fixated on the pain I felt being a child of a divorced family and used that situation, the anger of my dad, and the memories I carried as my excuse for anything that didn’t work out the way I wanted. 

We would be a good fit if...

  • You are ready to take the lead in your life
  • You are ready to make healthy changes to your routine
  • You want to find your inner strength
  • You are looking for balance
  • Your want more positivity in your relationships
  • You want your reactions to come from a loving place
  • You want to live in the moment
  • You are looking for a new perspective
  • You want to heal
  • You are ready to dream

I allowed the judgment of others to stop me from doing what I desired because of my drive to gain their acceptance.  When I was questioned, I got mad and would change my opinion to get their approval instead of standing behind what I believed was true. I felt sorry for myself for struggling through 6 years of infertility treatments and I dwelled on that pain instead of embracing the gift of motherhood I was given. I was caught up in the grind of my to do list and believed that there wasn’t time to do things for myself because I had to do for everyone else first.

The Simply Kerry Full Transformation guided me through a process of healing the hurt that had stopped me for so long.  I learned how to take past wounds that I had hidden and process the pain to find the power to drive me. I found opportunity to in my struggles by learning new perspective and a different approach to life.  I discovered my faith and allowed it to give me the direction I needed. 

I learned how to believe in myself so that I could be excited about the life that I chose to lead. I learned better ways to communicate and allowed love into my life again.  And as I added new processes into each area that I used to struggle, I learned to identify ways to feel joy everyday while uncovered my my passions, gifts, and talents. As I brought simplicity into my life, I learned how to feel peace while uncovering the inspiration that drove me to help, motivate, and inspire other people to find their authentic self and create the life they want.

I have a passion for positivity that I brings me joy to share. I look for a better way to take on life’s happenings and I find lessons in the challenges I am given so I can continue to grow. I see things in a new way and I am inspired by the simple things that adds joy to my day.  

The journey to find my authentic self gives me the drive to help other people do the same because I remember how hard I used to make life and doing things differently changed my everything.  I can’t wait for you to journey with me to find your inner motivation, to be inspired, and to work through what’s holding you back so you can start living life as your true self!

We would not be a good fit if...

  • You are not ready to make changes
  • You expect a quick fix
  • You are not committed to learning something new
  • You are not ready to trust something new